Britannia Awards Finalize 2017 Award Show Details

The 2017 Britannia Awards were known to be coming up later this year, but now we know exactly when. This award show celebrating the best in British talent as well as those from outside the country will be taking place October 27. While it is an award show celebrating mainly British entertainers, it’ll all be going down at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Interestingly enough, this award show is a creation of the British Academy of Film and Television Los Angeles therefore it’s not too surprising to see it take place in LA. A few of last year’s winners included Jodie Foster, Ang Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Ricky Gervais among others.

This announcement was made by the BAFTA LA CEO Chantal Rickards and the rest of their organization.

Photo credit: a katz /

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