Why We Loved the 80s!

The decade of the 80s was an interesting group of years, given the influence of Punk, the 2nd British Invasion, Girl Power, and the birth of Techno. Who were the best bands from the 80s?

Duran Duran was so good they named themselves twice. This band of brothers dominated the MTV scene, and we still wish we could get a ride on that yacht.

Salt-N-Pepa broke the color and sound barrier with witty lyrics and sexy songs.

Journey had more hits and concerts in football stadiums than broken hearts; they were the band that ruled the 80s.

Queen was mystical in their original sound – Brian May’s unique guitar pedal and Freddie’s flamboyant struts on stage. We miss Mr. Mercury for sure.

U2 became the voice of activism and truth in the decade that showed the world greed and human suffering. They are still together, and still at the top of our 80s list.

Hall and Oates showed the world that they were more than just the best writing duo from the 70s; they paved the way for writing and amazing live concerts in this decade as well.

Photo credit: Mat Hayward / Shutterstock.com

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