The Piano Man Hits the Road

Billy Joel holds the record for most performances and crowd sizes at Madison Square Gardens in NYC. Although this iconic singer and songwriter has been a star for over 40 years, he tells friends and family that it’s time to take it easy.

Did you know that….

His hit song “Big Shot” is actually about Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Bianca, or that it’s been decades since his last LP, nor does he ever intend to write another tune?

March 31st, Huntington, NY
April 5th, Uniondale, NY
April 14th, New York City, NY
April 15th, Columbia, SC
April 28th, Atlanta, GA
May 13th, Los Angeles, CA
May 25th, New York City, NY
June 6th, New York City, NY
June 17th, Green Bay, WI
July 5th, New York City, NY
July 14th, Cleveland, OH
July 28th, Minneapolis MN
August 11th, Chicago, IL
August 21st, New York City, NY
August 30th, Boston, MA
September 9th, Philly, PA
September 21st, St. Louis, MO

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