Taking a Look at Spring Training Standings

Spring Training is coming to a close soon, which means the regular season is about to begin! We can’t wait until Opening Day on Monday and the games that will be going on all week. Until then we will have to make due with Spring Training stats and standings.

The very best team this Spring Training was the New York Yankees. They currently have a 22-7 record, while St. Louis is sporting a 18-8 record. How a team performs during this stretch of time isn’t a good indicator of how they will do this season, but their fans certainly hope it does just this one time!

Fans who can’t wait to see Spring Training end due to how poorly they have performed include Atlanta (7-21), San Diego, (10-19) and Toronto (10-16). San Diego will likely struggle this season, but Atlanta has a chance at surprising many with their young talent.

**All stats are as of Monday morning.

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