The Final Four Set for 2017

The final four teams have been set for 2017 and the results will be very surprising if you haven’t been watching. It’s not just a bunch of one and two seeds that have made it this far in the tournament, but instead a few ones, a three and a seven seed in this year’s tournament.

The two one seeds that made it this far into the tournament are Gonzaga and UNC. Both had their close battles, fending off Northwestern, Kentucky, West Virginia and Butler among other teams.

As for the “worse” seeded teams that made it this far, South Carolina had to take down Marquette, Duke and Baylor to make it this far, while Oregon beat Michigan, Iona and Rhode Island.

The final four teams have been set and the national championship game will surely be great in just over one week. Will North Carolina beat Oregon? Will South Carolina beat Gonzaga? This year’s final tournament has been a crazy one and we can’t wait to see it finish!

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